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Most Popular 2011 Prom Hairstyles


Carrie Underwood

The half-up/half-down style is perhaps the hottest hairstyle for prom this year. You can add extensions for extra length, curl hair around the barrel of a curling iron or with hot rollers and then clip the sides of hair in the back. Variations on this look include:
  • Twisting the sides and clipping them in the back.
  • Pinning hair back with a jeweled hair clip (I love the idea of taking a vintage or antique pin and attaching it to a hair clip so it stays in hair).
  • Clipping back only one side.
  • Pinning fresh flowers to one side of the pinned back section. 

Formal Ponytail

Olivia Wilde

The formal ponytail is gorgeous if you have a face that can pull it off, as Olivia Wilde does. You'll want to curl hair so the ponytail has volume (or you can flat-iron it). Make sure you get a haircut beforehand if you flat-iron hair because any dead ends will be on display. Wrap a portion of hair around the ponytail holder and spritz a shine serum on hair so it looks super healthy. This look is great with a dress that's not strapless. It's gorgeous on a halter dress.

Pinned Back

Rachel Bilson

This style, modeled by Rachel Bilson, is a funkier, more casual version of the pinned back hairstyle. Keep in mind the neckline of your dress when you choose a prom hairstyle. Keeping hair down is very flattering if you are wearing a strapless dress or small straps such as Bilson here (although I can't stand this bra-like outfit she's wearing!). Keep the jewelry to a minimum. I suggest gorgeous earrings or a diamond hairclip but don't go overboard by adding a necklace. A bracelet would be a nice touch, too.


Emily Blunt

A cool variation of the updo this year is the twisted updo. You simply twist the sides of hair and then pin back in a neat (or messy) bun. What you can't see here is that actress Emily Blunt has a feather headband on the other side of her head. The band is actually hidden in her twist. You'll see the feather in the next photo.


Emily Blunt

But Pinned Back

Michael Loccisano 
Here's yet another variation of the wavy prom hairstyle. I love how the smokey eye looks with this style. Also, I think this hairstyle would be even more striking if the dress were strapless.

Side Bun

Audrina Patridge

Celebrity stylist Louis Licari explained on the Today Show how to recreate the side bun. Here's how to do it:
  1. Wash hair, then prep with a foam gel. Blow dry hair. "You don't have to blow it straight, just blow it," says Licari.
  2. Pull hair over to the side, securing it with elastic. Wrap the hair in a messy twist (you will want long-ish hair for this, of course).
  3. Pin hair with bobby pins. If you have thin hair, back comb hair to add more texture. Also consider not washing hair for a couple days and applying baby powder or a dry hair shampoo to make hair less glossy and more manageable.
  4. Because you don't want hair to be perfect (according to Licari, imperfect is "perfect" for this look), pull out a few strands along the side of the face and don't brush hair before pulling it into that side twist.
  5. Pair this look with strong, smokey eyes. Go an extra step and add color (like purple or blue) to the lids. "Color is the trend this season on the eye," Licari says.

Pinned Back

Melissa George

I love how this hairstyle makes you look different from either side and I really love how it shows off a gorgeous pair of earrings.

Updo, Sleek in Front

Freida Pinto

Casual updos are king of prom this year. I love masses of perfect curls pinned in the back as well, leaving the front super sleek. 

Long Hair With Twists

Jordana Brewster

I love how the twisted hairstyle, parted in the middle, pairs with the strapless dress. While this look is kind of flower child, you can make it more modern by parting your hair on the side and adding bouncy curls rather than the bohemian waves here. 

Pulled Up on the Sides, The Back View

Eva La Rue

This is an absolutely gorgeous hairstyle for this deep plunging dress. The key to this hairstyle may be extensions if you don't already have super long hair. If you have wavy or curly hair and a flat iron won't make your hair super straight, you should consider the Brazilian blowout. The Brazilian blowout straightens super wavy or curly hair but is less damaging than the Japanese straightening method and uses no formaldehyde. In the next photo, you'll see what this hairstyle looks like from the front.

Pulled Up on the Sides, the Front View

Eva La Rue

Here's that hairstyle pictured from the front.

30s Updo

Amanda Seyfried

Updos are much more loose this year for prom. Cool variations of the updo include ones like this where hair is loosened a bit in the front but pinned in the back. 

The Sleek Updo

Anne Hathaway

Personally, I love the classy sleek updo. You can do a ballerina bun or a chignon or just a sleek, sexy updo such as Anne Hathaway's in this picture. 

The Braided Updo

Emmy Rossum

I love this cool variation on the classic prom updo. 

The Short Hairstyle

Shannyn Sossamon

Just because you have short hair doesn't mean you can't do something with it for prom. I love short hair with a plunging neckline and a super gorgeous necklace. 

The Fake Bob (Curly Hair)

Taylor Swift

I have always been a fan of the fake bob. This hairstyle will definitely set you apart from the crowd at this year's prom. Your stylist will need to curl hair (if you don't already have natural curls like Taylor Swift, pictured here) and then pin them under. 

Messy Updo

Heidi Montag

Here's that Heidi Montag hairstyle pictured from the side.

Funky Ponytail

Audrina Patridge

This is a beautiful hairstyle paired with a dress that is not strapless. 

Prom With a Bumpit


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