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ZeroPointZero Watch Handcuffs

ZeroPointZero Watch Handcuffs » image 1

 Luis Beruman’s ZeroPointZero watch handcuffs let you incorporate this digital watch with handcuff style into your bedroom play, and you’ll never have to worry about your kinky play going over time.

Keyboard Pants

Keyboard Pants » 
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Designer Erik De Nijs stitched up this techno-geeky pair of jeans so that wherever he went, he wouldnt be far connecting to technology.
These “modern shaped trousers which is often worn by youngsters..” are the perfect solution for Googling quick exits while running from the fashion police. Ah, but look closely! Now as you jump over fences and dodge barking dogs, you can take your chase music with you.

Keyboard Pants » 
image 1

Chanel Perspex Briefcase

 Perspex Briefcase » image 1
Chanel is one of those luxury brands, that always stuck to their classic aesthetics over the years, while also showing some great innovation.
Karl Lagerfeld never misses an opportunity to surprise. This week in Paris, Karl Lagerfeld presented a poised, elegant and mostly black take on power suiting for Chanel that included this fantastically witty take on the working gal’s briefcase.

Nat-2 Transformable Sandals Shoes

Nat-2 Transformable Sandals Shoes » image 1
Nat-2’s transforming shoe - an interesting idea. Nat-2’s new transforming shoe could help save time deciding what shoe to wear. The Nat-2 design looks like a regular pair of canvas shoes, similar to popular designs by the Converse brand.
But when you want to give your feet a bit of fresh air you can unzip the sole to reveal a pair of sandals.

Plantronics Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Bluetooth Headset » image 1
The device with diamonds and a little Midas touch will be available as the only unit of its Discovery 925 and is likely to go under the hammer. The money raised at the auction will go for the Elle Charity.
However, the number of diamonds layered on the headset and diamond grading details remain undisclosed, but the blinged-out headset is certainly a beautiful handiwork that redefines opulence. Regarding pricing, word is around that the gold and diamond-encrusted headset is priced at $50,000.

SH-R300 Road Gold Shoes for Olympic Champion

SH-R300 Road Gold Shoes for Olympic Champion » image 1
Olympic champion points race, Marianne Vos (DSB cycling team) receives special made gold SH-R300 Custom Fit road shoes. “These gold road shoes are a reminder of a great race in Beijing. I hope to get some extra morale! Anyhow for next year I will be 100% focused, of course with the support of Shimano,” said Marianne Vos.
The SH-R300 Custom Fit shoe is a top-level road shoe with Shimano ‘s Custom Fit technology. This road competition shoe combines the three most important properties of a competitive racing shoe: Stability, Rigidity and Light Weight.
Shimano’s Custom Fit technology is probably the most advanced power transfer today.
This feature will raise the performance level of a vast number of riders, from demanding Professional competitors to all other serious cyclists.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Daily Obsesh - Winifred Grace Bangles

Daily Obsesh - Winifred Grace Bangles
Ever notice how annoying it can be to type on a keyboard while wearing bangles? They clank everywhere and get in the way ... yet, we can't seem to stop putting them on in the morning. And with good reason. They look damn good.

Yes, it's a bold statement. A true one. We like our accessories, and bangles are a must-have in our book. And right now, we have our eyes on this Set of 3 by Winifred Grace.

They're made of brass and one has a pretty turquoise-colored waxed linen wrapped around it for a splash of color. They make a great complement to any outfit and will surely annoy you while you're at work. But you'll enjoy knowing that it's worth it (and all of us feel your pain).

Price - $115.00


World of Warcraft Tips and Tricks

World of Warcraft covers a lot of territory, but here are some general tips from my years of experience playing WoW on such subjects as: the value of a plan, what to save gold for, professions, etc.

Plan Ahead

I understand you are looking for World of Warcraft tips. Well, this game covers a lot of territory, but I can provide some general tips from my years of experience playing WoW.
Hopefully, the tips I offer here will help you excel and advance your own characters to new heights.
For starters, let’s talk about exploring and leveling in general. A lot of people make huge mistakes in how they go about leveling, finding new places, completing quests, all that good stuff. I’d rather not have you make the same mistakes, so listen closely.

A complete guide to the Motorola Atrix, a phone + laptop

We go in-depth with the Motorola Atrix phone and laptop docking peripheral at CES. It’s one of our favorite new products of the show. Check it out!
CES has been full of tablet PCs and 3D devices, but few of them really stand out or solve a problem. Will TV shows like The Office truly get more exciting with a foot of depth added to them? I’m not so sure. With the Atrix, however, Motorola has gone and invented a new product entirely, one that is both exciting and potentially useful.
The Atrix is really two devices: It’s a high-end dual-core 4G Android phone, and it’s a laptop computer. By snapping the phone into the back of a new laptop dock, it powers a full-size screen and keyboard with a modified Android (Linux) display made to resemble a desktop computer.

Learn German in a Week

German Tutorials Basic Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar

Note: Before heading to the tutorial I would Strictly recommend to download any online dictionary which could easily translate the difficult German words provided below so that you can understand them easily and learn quickly, if you have one so that’s good if not then I’ll personally prefer BabelFish dictionary which is free so you don’t need to buy it. The download link is provided below:

1. Basic Phrases
Guten Morgen
goot-en mor-gen
Good Morning
Guten Tag
goot-en tahk
Hello/Good Day
Guten Abend
goot-en ah-bent
Good Evening
Gute Nacht
goot-eh nakht
Good Night
Tag / Hallo / Servus
tahk / hah-loh / sair-voohs
Hi / Hello / Hi & Bye (Southern Germany & Austria)
Auf Wiedersehen
owf vee-dair-zayn
Grüß dich / Grüß Gott!
Hello! / Greetings! (Southern Germany & Austria)
Tschüs / Tschau
tchews / chow
Gehen wir!
geh-en veer
Let’s go!
Bis später
biss shpay-ter
See you later
Bis bald
biss bahlt
See you soon
Bis morgen
biss mohr-gen
See you tomorrow
Danke (schön / sehr)
dahn-kuh shurn/zair
Thank you
Bitte schön
bih-tuh shurn
You’re welcome
Es tut mir leid.
ehs toot meer lite
I’m sorry
Entschuldigen Sie
ehnt-shool-dih-gun zee
Excuse me
Pardon me
Wie geht es Ihnen?
vee gayt es ee-nen
How are you? (formal)
Wie geht’s?
vee gayts
How are you? (informal)
(Sehr) Gut / So lala
zair goot / zo lahlah
(Very) Good / OK
Schlecht / Nicht Gut
shlekht / nisht goot
Bad / Not good
Es geht.
ess gate
I’m ok. (informal)
Ja / Nein
yah / nine
Yes / No
Wie heißen Sie?
vee hie-ssen zee
What’s your name? (formal)
Wie heißt du?
vee hiesst doo
What’s your name? (informal)
Ich heiße…
ikh hie-ssuh
My name is… [I am called...]
Es freut mich.
froyt mikh
Pleased to meet you.
Herr / Frau / Fräulein
hair / frow / froi-line
Mister / Misses / Miss
Woher kommen Sie?
vo-hair koh-men zee
Where are you from? (formal)
Woher kommst du?
vo-hair kohmst doo
Where are you from? (informal)
Ich komme aus…
ikh koh-muh ows…
I’m from…
Wo wohnen Sie?
vo voh-nen zee
Where do you live? (formal)
Wo wohnst du?
vo vohnst doo
Where do you live? (informal)
Ich wohne in…
ikh voh-nuh in
I live in…
Wie alt sind Sie?
vee alt zint zee
How old are you? (formal)
Wie alt bist du?
vee alt bisst doo
How old are you? (informal)
Ich bin ____ Jahre alt.
ikh bin ____ yaa-reh alt
I am ____ years old.
Sprechen Sie deutsch?
shpreck-en zee doytch
Do you speak German? (formal)
Sprichst du englisch?
shprikhst doo eng-lish
Do you speak English? (informal)
Ich spreche (kein)…
ikh shpreck-uh kine
I (don’t) speak…
Verstehen Sie? / Verstehst du?
fehr-shtay-en zee / fehr-shtayst doo
Do you understand? (formal / informal)
Ich verstehe (nicht).
ikh fehr-shtay-eh nikht
I (don’t) understand.
Ich weiß (nicht).
ikh vise nikht
I (don’t) know.
Können Sie mir helfen?
ker-nen zee meer hell-fen
Can you help me? (formal)
Kannst du mir helfen?
kahnst doo meer hell-fen
Can you help me? (informal)
Natürlich / Gerne
nah-tewr-likh / gair-nuh
Of course / Gladly
Kann ich Ihnen helfen?
kahn ikh ee-nen hell-fen
May I help you? (formal)
Kann ich dir helfen?
kahn ikh deer hell-fen
May I help you? (informal)
Wie bitte?
vee bih-tuh
What? Pardon me?
Wie heißt ___ auf deutsch?
vee heist ___ owf doytch
How do you say ___ in German?
Wo ist / Wo sind… ?
voh ist / voh zint
Where is / Where are… ?
Es gibt…
ess geept
There is / are…
Was ist los?
vahs ist lohs
What’s the matter?
Das macht nichts.
dass makht nikhts
It doesn’t matter.
Das ist mir egal.
dass ist meer eh-gahl
I don’t care.
Keine Angst!
ky-nuh ahngst
Don’t worry!
Ich habe es vergessen.
ikh hah-buh ess fehr-geh-sen
I forgot.
Jetzt muss ich gehen.
yetz mooss ikh geh-en
I must go now.
Ich habe Hunger / Durst.
ikh hah-buh hoong-er / dirst
I’m hungry / thirsty.
Ich bin krank / müde.
ikh bin krahnk moo-duh
I’m sick / tired.
Ich habe Langeweile.
ikh hah-buh lahn-guh-vy-luh
I’m bored.
Ich möchte / Ich hätte gern…
ikh merkh-tuh / ikh heh-tuh gairn
I’d like…
Das gefällt mir.
dahs geh-fehlt meer
I like it.
Prima / Toll / Super!
pree-mah / tohl / zoo-pair
Great / Fantastic!
Bless you!
Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
herts-likh-en glewk-voonsh
Sei ruhig!
zy roo-hikh
Be quiet! (informal)
Viel Glück!
feel glewk
Good luck!
Schauen Sie mal! / Schau mal!
show-en zee mal / show mal
Look! (formal / informal)
Bitte schön?
Yes? / What would you like to order?
Was darf’s sein?
What can I get you? / How can I help you?
Sonst noch etwas?
Anything else?
Bitte schön.
Here you go. (handing something to someone)
Zahlen bitte!
The check, please!
Stimmt so.
Keep the change.
Ich bin satt.
I’m full.
Mir ist schlecht.
I feel sick.
Es tut mir weh.
It hurts.
Ich liebe dich.
ikh leeb-uh dikh
I love you. (informal)
Du fehlst mir.
I miss you. (informal)
Alles ist in Ordnung.
Everything is fine.
Wie wäre es mit … ?
How about…?
Was für ein…?
What kind of (a)…?
Nicht wahr?
[general tag question]
Ich is not actually pronounced ikh, unless you are speaking a northern dialect of German. If you are speaking a southern dialect, then it is more like ish. There is no equivalent sound in English.  In standard German, it is somewhere between ish and ikh. Technically, it is a voiceless palatal fricative and its voiced counterpart is the y sound in yes.

Spanish Tutorial Basic Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar

Note: Before heading to the tutorial I would recommend to download any online dictionary which could easily translate the words coming in your mind in Spanish which will help learning the new words which are not provided in this tutorial, if you have one so that’s good if not then I’ll personally prefer BabelFish dictionary which is free so you don’t need to buy it. The download link is provided below:

1. Basic Phrases
¡Buenos días!
bway-nohs dee-ahs
Hello! / Good morning!
¡Buenas tardes!
bway-nahs tard-ays
Good afternoon!
¡Buenas noches!
bway-nahs noh-chays
Good evening! / Good night!
¡Hola! / ¡Chao!
oh-lah / chow
Hi! / Bye!
Good bye.
Por favor.
por fah-bor
Hasta la vista / Hasta luego.
ah-stah lah vees-tah / ah-stah loo-ay-go
See you / See you later.
Hasta pronto.
ah-stah prohn-toh
See you soon.
Hasta mañana.
ah-stah mahn-yahn-ah
See you tomorrow.
(Muchas) Gracias.
(moo-chahs) grah-see-ahs
Thank you (very much).
De nada.
day nah-dah
You’re welcome.
Lo siento
loh see-ehn-toh
I’m sorry
Con permiso / Perdón / Disculpe
kohn pehr-mee-soh / pehr-dohn / dees-kool-peh
Excuse me / Pardon me
Let’s go!
¿Cómo está usted?
koh-moh ay-stah oo-sted
How are you? (formal)
¿Cómo estás?
koh-moh ay-stahs
How are you? (informal)
¿Qué tal?
kay tahl
How’s it going?
Bien / Muy bien
bee-ehn / moy bee-ehn
Good / Very good
Mal / Muy mal / Más o menos
mahl / moy mahl / mahs oh may-nohs
Bad / Very bad / OK
Sí / No
see / noh
Yes / No
¿Cómo se llama usted?
koh-moh say yah-mah oo-sted
What is your name? (formal)
¿Cómo te llamas?
koh-moh tay yah-mahs
What is your name? (informal)
Me llamo…  / Mi nombre es…
may yah-moh  / mee nohm-breh ess
My name is…
Mucho gusto. / Encantado.
moo-choh goo-stoh / en-cahn-tah-doh
Nice to meet you.
Same here. / Same to you.
Señor / Señora / Señorita
sayn-yor / sayn-yor-ah / sayn-yor-ee-tah
Mister / Mrs. / Miss
¿De dónde es usted?
day dohn-day ehs oo-sted
Where are you from? (formal)
¿De dónde eres?
day dohn-day eh-rehs
Where are you from? (informal)
Yo soy de…
yoh soy day
I’m from…
¿Cuántos años tiene usted?
quahn-tohs ahn-yohs tee-ay-nay oo-sted
How old are you? (formal)
¿Cuántos años tienes?
quahn-tohs ahn-yohs tee-ayn-ays
How old are you? (informal)
Yo tengo _____ años.
yoh tayn-goh _____ ahn-yohs
I am _____ years old.
¿Habla usted español?
ah-blah oo-sted eh-spahn-yol
Do you speak Spanish? (formal)
¿Hablas inglés?
ah-blahs een-glehs
Do you speak English? (informal)
(No) Hablo…
noh ah-bloh
I (don’t) speak…
¿Entiende usted? / ¿Entiendes?
ehn-tyen-deh oo-sted / ehn-tyen-dehs
Do you understand? (formal / informal)
(No) Entiendo.
noh ehn-tyen-doh
I (don’t) understand.
Yo (no lo) se.
yoh noh loh seh
I (don’t) know.
¿Puede ayudarme?
pweh-deh ah-yoo-dar-meh
Can you help me? (formal)
Claro / Claro que sí
klah-roh / klah-roh keh see
Sure / Of course
What? Pardon me?
¿Dónde está / Dónde están… ?
dohn-deh eh-stah / dohn-deh eh-stahn
Where is … / Where are … ?
Aquí / Ahí
ah-kee / ah-ee
Here / There
Hay / Había…
eye / ah-bee-ah
There is / are… / There was / were…
¿Cómo se dice ____ en español?
koh-moh seh dee-seh ___ en eh-spahn-yol
How do you say ____ in Spanish?
¿Qué es esto?
keh ehs ehs-toh
What is that?
¿Qué te pasa?
keh teh pah-sah
What’s the matter (with you)?
No importa.
noh eem-por-tah
It doesn’t matter.
¿Qué pasa?
keh pah-sah
What’s happening?
Sin novedad.
seen noh-veh-dahd
Nothing much.
No tengo ninguna idea.
noh tehn-goh neen-goo-nah ee-deh-ah
I have no idea.
¡Buena idea!
bweh-nah ee-deh-ah
Good idea!
Go ahead!
Estoy cansado / enfermo.
eh-stoy kahn-sah-doh / ehn-fehr-moh
I’m tired / sick.
Tengo hambre / sed.
tehn-goh ahm-breh / sed
I’m hungry / thirsty.
Tengo calor / frío.
tehn-goh kah-lohr / free-oh
I’m hot / cold.
Estoy aburrido.
eh-stoy ah-boo-ree-doh
I’m bored.
No me importa.
noh meh eem-por-tah
I don’t care.
No se preocupe.
noh seh preh-oh-koo-peh
Don’t worry
Está bien.
ehs-tah bee-ehn
That’s alright. / It’s ok.
Me olvidé.
meh ohl-vee-deh
I forgot.
Tengo que ir ahora.
tehn-goh keh eer ah-oh-rah
I must go now.
Quizás / Depende.
kee-sahs / deh-pehn-deh
Maybe / It depends.
Todavía no.
toh-dah-vee-ah noh
Not yet.
¡Qué chistoso!
keh chees-toh-soh
How funny!
¡Que le vaya bien!
keh leh vah-yah bee-ehn
Have a nice day!
¡Nos vemos!
nohs veh-mos
We’ll see you!
Bless you!
¡Buena suerte!
bweh-nah swehr-teh
Good luck!
Te toca a ti.
teh toh-kah ah tee
It’s your turn. (informal)
Shut up!
Te amo.
tay ah-moh
I love you. (informal and singular)
Notice that Spanish has informal and formal ways of speaking. This is because there is more than one meaning to “you” in Spanish (as well as in many other languages.) The informal you is used when talking to close friends, relatives, animals or children. The formal you is used when talking to someone you just met, do not know well, or someone for whom you would like to show respect (a professor, for example.)
Encantado, cansado, enfermo, and aburrido are the masculine forms of the words. If the words refer to a woman or are spoken by a woman, then the final o changes to a: encantada, cansada, enferma, and aburrida
In Spain, as well as Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, the Spanish language is called castellano instead of español.

Learn Norwegian (Tutorial) Basic Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar

1. Basic Phrases
God morgen
Good Morning
Hallo / God dag
Hello / Good Day
God kveld
Good Evening
God natt
Good Night
Ha det bra
Hei / Ha det
Hi / Bye
Vær så snill
(Tusen) Takk
Thank you (very much)
Ingen årsak / Vær så god
Don’t mention it / You’re welcome
Ja / Nei
Yes / No
Herr / Fru / Frøken
Mister / Misses
Hvordan har du det?
How are you?
Hvordan går det?
How it’s going?
Bra / Dårlig
Good / Bad
Hva heter du?
What’s your name?
Jeg heter…
My name is… (I am called…)
Hyggelig å treffe deg!
Pleased to meet you!
Hvor kommer du fra?
Where are you from?
Jeg er fra…
I’m from…
Excuse me / Sorry
Hvor bor du?
Where do you live?
Jeg bor i…
I live in…
Jeg vil gjerne ha… / Jeg skulle gjerne hatt…
I would like…
Hvor gammel er du?
How old are you?
Jeg er ____ år (gammel).
I am ____ years (old).
Jeg vet [ikke.]
I [don't] know.
Snakker du norsk?
Do you speak Norwegian?
Jeg snakker engelsk.
I speak English.
Snakk langsomt
Speak slowly
svensk, dansk, fransk, italiensk, spansk, tysk, holländsk, rysk, japansk
Swedish, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian, Japanese
Hva heter … på norsk?
How do you say … in Norwegian?
Forstår du?
Do you understand?
Jeg forstår [ikke.]
I [don't] understand.
Vær så snill å gjenta / Vennligst gjenta
Please repeat
Hva er dette?
What is this?
Hvor er … ?
Where is … ?
Hvor mye koster dette?
How much does this cost?
Jeg er sulten
I’m hungry
Jeg er tørst
I’m thirsty
Jeg er trett
I’m tired
Jeg er syk
I’m sick
Jeg tror [ikke] det
I [don't] think so
Kom inn / hit
Come in / here
Ta plass
Have a seat.
Stans! / Stopp!
Immediately! / Soon!
Jeg har gått meg bort
I’m lost
Pass på!
Watch out!
Vent litt!
Wait a minute!
Hvor langt er det?
How far is it?
Det var synd.
That’s too bad!
Have a good meal!
Cheers! (toast)
Lykke til!
Good luck!
Jeg elsker deg.
I love you.
Jeg savner deg.
I miss you.

Weird Amazing Facts & Nintendo Wii Fit, Hot Facts & Fun Girls

You wouldn’t think it, but 90% of plane crashes have survivors.
Did you know that the famous Mona Lisa painting used to hang up in Napoleon’s bedroom?
The first genetically engineered babies were born in the year 2001.
So if you consume one small bag of potato chips a day, buy the end of the year you will have consumed 5 liters of cooking oil.
If you’re a scuba diver and you go 33 feet or below, because of the effects of the pressure, you can’t pass gas.
According to a study, 44% of English women have either kicked or punched their husband.
The largest pumpkin in the world weighed 377 pounds.
The most common name that people give to their gold fish is jaws.
Do you know the Barbie doll? Well guess what her full name is? It’s Barbara Millicent Roberts.

Interesting Facts About Girls

Guys never notice differences in their friend's appearance unless the difference is too obvious (like a very poor haircut that leaves the scalp like a partially mowed lawn). But with girls, it's not the case... Try walking to your friend who is a girl (the phrase girl friend avoided for obvious reasons) with a small stain on your shirt which is usually unnoticeable. Chances are that you would get caught within the first couple of minutes.

Guys try their best to be caring but come on... they are not designed for that! Girls often tend to care more than what you want them to and often that makes them question every 10-15 seconds about your wellness. If you are down with fever and you let your best friend who is a girl (quite funny to type) know, chances are that you'll end up answering the phone at least 20 times that day!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Megan Fox Looking Hot in Hollywood

Amaretto-Baked French Toast

I've been looking forward to making this amazing breakfast all week. I have Saturday off - the first Saturday I've had off in I-don't-even-know-when...gonna start this weekend off proper!

3 eggs
1 cup milk
3 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 tablespoons amaretto
1 loaf brioche bread, cut into 1/2 inch cubes
1 tablespoon butter (for greasing your baking dish)
1/2 cup pecans
maple syrup for serving

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. In a large bowl, beat eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla & amaretto. Add brioche cubes and let mixture soak for 5 minutes. Spoon into a 9” x 12” well greased baking dish; sprinkle with pecans. Bake for about 15 to 20 minutes, or until golden. Pour maple syrup over & serve.

Old Hollywood: Winter Sale!

Winter is almost over, the end is in sight! The groundhog saw his shadow and it's supposed to be 63 degrees on Friday. Praise the lord. In honor of this balmy weather of late, all our winter accessories are 30% off. Hats, gloves and scarves galore. Sale is at both our Chelsea and Greenpoint stores.

Those blue suede gloves with white piping I'm wearing in the cheese-tastic photo above are drool worthy!

Behind the Scenes

One of the things we love to do most is leave our desks during the day, and go check in on the photo shoot. Why? Because it’s fun! There’s music, there’s models (plus, some cute boys, too!), there’s all the new lingerie and there’s always a killer buffet.
So, what do the models do when they’re not modeling away? They text!

Tiesheko? Tiesheko? Oh, never mind.

Hey, Quinn! Just wanted to tell you how great you looked in…oh, we’ll come back.

Stylist Tip: Above the Table

I stopped by the photo shoot and everything was looking pretty fantastic–as always! Had a little chat with my favorite stylist and Hollywood insider, Allison, who, while she’s not pinning and primping, clipping and tucking, still always seems to have fashion on the brain. Like most of the Tinseltown set, she’s prepping for the holidays and the coming season of award shows and big events. If there’s one thing to remember, says Allison, it’s this:
“When you know you have a big event, spend the majority of your time and money on your look ABOVE THE TABLE!”
For example, if you’ll be seated at a dinner table–either with a special-someone or with a group, sadly no one is going to see those $200 stilettos.

Model Behavior: Look Book

We were so excited when our crew came back from the fall fashion shoot this summer for many reasons: the Cabaret-inspired lingerie, the rock-n-roll Seduction story and for the stunning shots you see here—totally impromptu photos our crew took after the day’s “real” shoot was done. It was a completely informal and off-the cuff affair, just everyone staying late because they wanted to put together something really unique and cool (lead stylist Allison provided many pieces from her own wardrobe!). But it all came out so beautifully, we decided to turn it into on online Fall Look Book for the season!
I asked Allison how she was inspired to create these fashion-forward looks and what the “guerilla” shoot was like.

1. How did you decide to do this photo shoot?
It started when I first saw the clothes. My mind was reeling with fun ways to pair lingerie with ready-to-wear pieces. I really think it’s very much our Freddy Girl’s style, and it’s one of my favorite ways to dress as well. We have beautiful, really cool lingerie! I think it should be SEEN! I also think that it’s the PERFECT way to go from DAY to NIGHT.  Opening up a blouse or suit to reveal a bit of lace and cleavage after the conservative tone of the day is so sexy, and lets you leave your job at work!


When you really want to shine. Slip into our Seamless Hourglass Slip for a sleek, curvaceous shape and strapless support. Top it off with a glittering sequin mini dress and finish with a high-shine stiletto for a night you’ll never forget.

THE HOLLYWOOD MOVIES (List of Movies Released in Year 2011)

Ghost Busters 3
Ghost Busters 3 in 2011

 2011 Movie Timetable:

Disney has the one-two punch of Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Pixar’s Cars 2. Warner Bros. surprise hit The Hangover with Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, and Justin Bartha will be back, but far away from the Vegas strip in Bangkok in The Hangover 2. The X-Men franchise will return to the beginning of Professor X’s career with X-Men: First Class and a new batch mutants. Many other sequels including, George Miller’s Happy Feet 2; a third installment of Alvin and the Chipmunks; Journey to the Center of the Earth 2; Spy Kids 4; and A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, will open in cinemas this year.
Superheroes will have a strong presence on the big screen in 2011. The Green Hornet, starring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou, finally hits theaters in January. Marvel Studios’ Thor, which is helmed by British actor / director Kenneth Branagh, and Captain America: The First Avenger, starring Chris Evans in the title role, will be released in May and July, respectively. Between the two Marvel films, Warner Bros. will unspool the DC Comics adaptation The Green Lantern in June. The 3D film, with strong franchise potential, will star Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, with Martin Campbell directing a script by Greg Berlanti.
More than 25 movies are slated for 3D releases. Films such as the James Cameron produced Sanctum; the Justin Bieber life story and concert movie; the Shrek spin-off Puss in Boots; Paul Bettany starrer Priest; and live-action/CG comedy The Smurfs, with the voice talents of Katy Perry, Jeff Foxworthy, Paul Reubens, and George Lopez.

January 2011

  • Jan 5

    If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle
  • Jan 7

    Season of the Witch Ong Bak 3 The Absent The Time That Remains
  • Jan 14

    The Green Hornet The Dilemma Barney’s Version Every Day A Somewhat Gentle Man
  • Jan 21

    The Company Men No Strings Attached The Way Back
  • Jan 28

    The Mechanic The Rite From Prada to Nada Biutiful Kaboom Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster Seconds Apart

February 2011

  • Feb TBA

    Even the Rain London Boulevard I Am
  • Feb 1

  • Feb 4

    The Roommate Sanctum Waiting for Forever Frankie and Alice The Other Woman Cold Weather
  • Feb 11

    Gnomeo and Juliet The Eagle Just Go With It Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Cedar Rapids In Her Skin MOOZ-lum
  • Feb 18

    Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son I Am Number Four Unknown Vanishing on 7th Street

American Idol’s Controversial Stage Mamas Direct “The Minors” to Group Night Victory!

The Minors

If you’re watching American Idol this season then you no doubt tuned in for the emotional train wreck event known as “Groups,” when the individual contestants are forced to partner up with the competition and make beautiful, harmonious music together.  One of those singing groups,“The Minors,” is a quintet made up of 15- and 16-year-olds whose mothers, as required by law, are on set with them day and night.   The group includes: Keonna Evans, 16; Jalen Harris, 15; Sarina-Joi Crowe 15; Felix Ramsey, 15; and Deandre Brackensick, 16. I found it refreshing to watch the moms of the minors work together harmoniously as they “directed” their cooperative and talented children through a Glee-like rendition of Queen’s “Somebody to Love.”

The Stage Mamas

However not everyone got the warm fuzzys watching the stage moms in action and jealously reared it’s ugly head amongst some of the “over 18″ contestants, most notably a competing group who was set to perform the same Queen song as The Minors.  The lead singer of the second group seemed particularly peeved and charged that the stage moms coaching was an unfair advantage. But seriously, although it may have been unfair, the whining over it was much more obnoxious than the offense itself.
The best part of the night was watching the mamas jump up and down enthusiastically as their teen songbirds blew the judges away with a near-perfect performance. Judge Jennifer Lopez even went so far as to say, “They just gave the performance of their life right there!”
How the stage moms relate to each other as the competition gets more fierce may be the true “show” to watch this season.

Miley Cyrus Wins Global Action Youth Leadership Award

Miley Cyrus has won the Global Action Youth Leadership Award for her support of, not her work on, several youth programs. I guess that How to Smoke Salvia from a Bong instructional video did the trick.
Forget the scandals with the suggestive outfits, trips to 21 year-old and older bars for Miley caught in pictures, pole dancing, lap dancing a 44 year-old director, leaking her own naughty pictures, and her own father saying he is afraid what Miley is becoming, Miley has been declared a role model. Miley said she wasn’t perfect, and she’d make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean she’s a good role model for people her own age. In fact, Miley is the kind of role model young people should be avoiding.
There is only one reasonn to give someone like Miley an award like this, publicity.

Aly Michalka and Ashley Tisdale On The Cover Of Seventeen

Aly Michalka and Ashley Tisdale on the cover of Seventeen

In honor of their new show, stars Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka grace the cover of the October issue of Seventeen magazine, in which they talk about boys, sibling rivalry and, of course, cheerleaders.

“In high school, it was all about popularity, being with the boyfriend and all the girls thinking he’s cute,” explained Ashley as to what she looks for in a boyfriend. “Now, I am more into a guy’s personality. I like someone I can have fun with and who can be more laid-back than I am, because it calms me down. At the same time, I want to be with someone who wants to work as much as I do and who respects me like I respect him.”
Aly admitted that she isn’t dating anyone at the moment, but she has a very clear image of the guy that she wants—and she definitely wants him. “In a serious relationship I will definitely write music about a guy. I’m totally into mix tapes and I’m all about small little things,” she said. “I’ll drop by their door and just leave a gift or come over if they’re sick and make them chicken noodle soup and rent a DVD and play board games. I think those little things mean a lot to someone.”
She added, “I just need to find that guy who’s worthy of committing myself to, because I’m not your average girl. And I think a lot of guys are intimidated by girls who know what they want. I still live at home when I am in L.A., I’m really close to my family, I have a busy life and I’m super-close to my sister—so basically if you date me, you date her. And he’s either into it or he’s not.”
Both Aly and her sister AJ are part of a pop rock band called 78violet (formerly Aly & AJ). Since their debut in 2005, they have both transitioned to the world of film and sometimes even audition for the same parts. Still, Aly explained, there is no sibling rivalry between the two of them.
“When it comes to my sister and I, I think the most shocking thing that people find out about us is the fact that we’re not competitive at all,” she said. “I think it’s because I would rather her get a job than anybody else if it wasn’t me.”
As for what they learned about cheerleaders, Ashley said, “I definitely think cheerleaders have no fear. When I took the ‘Hellcats’ job I was like whoa, this is a sport. Cheerleaders deserve a lot of respect for what they do.”

Katy Perry Banned From Sesame Street

It looks like the spot Katy Perry shot for Sesame Street is never going to air.  After it got dropped to YouTube there was a backlash for parents who took issue with what Katy was wearing and thought she might be showing off a little too much for children.
We have to disagree…  I think she does a great job of being fun and playful and that the dress is not scaring any little boys for life.  Has anybody seen the slutty Barbies that are out there now!?!?!
Let us know your thoughts…  Too racy for kids or are parents waaaay overreacting?

Britney Spears “Hold It Against Me” Sneak Peek

Britney Spears Hold It Against Me
Britney Spears Is Makin’ A Comeback And Nobody Is Holding It Against Her!

The video for Brit’s new song “Hold It Against Me” gets officially released tonight, but we dug up sneak peak of the high-energy dance vid, which shows the singer looking like the old Britney Spears!  Clip inside…
The now 29-year-old singer is in her usual form with tons of different outfits and in great shape. Oh, and she can sing a little. Everybody loves watching stars fall, but not so much as watching them make their comeback.
Hold It Against Me” is the first single from Brit’s upcoming album, “Femme Fatale,” which is scheduled to drop everywhere

Spring Collection: Alexander Berardi



Runway Inspiration: Philosophy, Newyork



Advantages of Smoking

As we all know that smoking is injurious to health , besides of its disadvantages their are some advantages also :
stop-smoking-forever-800X800 (1)
1: A Chain smoker never grow old he always remain young because he dies before that .
2: Smoking increase social network of smoker as two smokers are always friends .
3: Smoking brings equality among humans , which many social workers were unable to make because ones ciggerete is always fresh for other smokers .
4: There is no medicine which can assure sleepless nights , so smoking is necessory for working whole night .
5: Smoking removes headache , although there are some medicines available but they also have some side effects .
6: Smoking is unaffected of money , one can smoke “biri” or “ciggare” or “pipe” or even “hucca” . by this way smoking reduces the gap between rich and poor .
7: Smoking have no reservation criterion , so there is not any dispute for smoking .
8: Smoke generated after smoking can be used as room freshner as smokers usually doesnot like other smells .
9: There is a possibility of passive smoking i.e. smoking & all of its advantages without paying anything .
10: And most intresttingly as like “GOD”(for smokers) u can find smokers everywhere .

Monday, February 21, 2011

One-armed basketball player earns scholarship

The Golden Maharani

I wait and wait and wait.
I hope and hope and hope that maybe for just a minute the rain will stop. 
No such thing. 
What's there to do?
Nothing except shoot an outfit inside. 

The Golden Blazer

A lot of you have expressed much admiration for the golden blazer I wore in this post.
Well it's from Victoria Secret, online and I must admit it's one of my favorite things in my closet at this moment.  
And lucky for you, they still have it in stock.

Plus more good news, with these Victoria Secret coupon codes you can get an even sweeter deal on this amazing piece or any other item that catches your fancy at their online store. 
 That's what I am all about, really.  
Great deals on jaw dropping pieces!

The Golden Globes '11

Last year, The FG stayed up until 3 or so am to watch the Globes online from Edinburgh. This year, she is in London, and, frankly, people are expecting her to show up to work tomorrow morning, so she's stepping away this year. Plus, she is on the cusp of recovering from laryngitis and a serious head cold, and she's not going back to Thursday, when she had no voice whatsoever. Sorry kids, you're on your own.

(That said, so far, I'm not loving the beige theme, and black is so safe ... and wow, January is certainly keeping up with the Joneses ... and I can't resist sharing HBC ...)

Piaget – Jewellery to fall in love !

Piaget not only sounds very noble, elegant and sleek, almost like an outrageously expensive sports cars, but also stands for jewelry, watches and design at its best. The Flash-animated site makes the navigation a little difficult sometimes, unfortunately, and one of the exclusive pieces to buy, one must also look for only one boutique in his presence, but both the Piaget homepage, as well as the jewelry to be loaded to more than just to dream.

Whether silver, gold or intense color accents – this is meant to deal with color and shapes. “Creative collections” such as the cocktail rings are just one example of the saccharine seduction of Piaget jewelry and watches. The so-called Paradise and cocktail rings with diamond charms are not only as a guide for long evenings at the cocktail bar suitable safe, but also spray without alcohol, just like their own kind drinkable Pina colada, caipirinha and Co., lots of good humor.

Of course, just where is approaching Valentine’s Day the “Hearts & Charms” collection is not to be forgotten. Everything here revolves around the love. In addition to rings, necklaces and bracelets are also a little love to the ear. Also in this collection was again much exclusivity, diamonds and other precious stones such as pearl worked with. And the best part is, to the lords of creation jumps to something to help, you can even using the wish list of just such a printout. Just want or even the desired pieces of jewelry on the wishlist. With a mouse click on the heart can be so very important information easy to gain the desired piece of jewelry and print all the loved ones or the loved the nose rub .

For jewelry lovers of the genre watch collectors of course there are plenty to see and buy. Not only does the elegant collection case, both the passion for collecting as well as any travel a sweetened, there is also a very nice selection of Piaget watches. Especially under the “Exceptional models” has not been short of brilliant. Here bracelets are also some very nice funkelfreudige from the luxury segment.

enchanted with beautiful butterflies and portable elegance, the clocks of the “Miss Protocole” collection or pieces from the “creative collection that occur as a mysterious ring, with rotating lids or jars.

And whom the magic of Piaget has already packed, can be sure that these exclusive pieces also have a price, like most dreams. But can dream but already soooooo be beautiful .

Megan Fox buys Brian a Car

Hollywood hottie Megan Fox has gifted her boyfriend Brian Austin Green, a vintage red car for a great deal. The “Transformers” babe happen to come upon it while shopping on eBay and wasted no time in buying it.

The car will be an early Christmas present for her on-off boyfriend Brian.

Megan and Brian were previously engaged but called it off earlier this year, only to get back together in June again.

Heidi Klum

Top fashion model Heidi Klum was born in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, on June 1, 1973. During the winter of 1991, while in her late teens, a friend persuaded her to enter a national contest – “Model 92.” Over 25,000 girls had entered the contest, and over a series of shows on German television Heidi kept winning the weekly and monthly stages of the competition. In the end she won the contest overall and was given her first modeling job, which she turned down in favor of finishing school.

With a strong background in art, Heidi began studying to be a fashion designer but during her studies decided she wanted to pursue modeling as a career. In 1993, after learning the basics throughout Europe, she moved to Miami and then to New York, where she currently resides. Small jobs and constant modeling shoots kept her busy, but her big break wouldn’t come until 1998.

In 1997, she became affiliated with Victoria’s Secret as a runway model in one of the intimate apparel company’s fashion shows. She gained all sorts of recognition, most notably from Sports Illustrated magazine. And in February 1998 Heidi graced the cover of the magazine’s famous “Swimsuit Issue,” and there was no turning back. She was now the most coveted supermodel in the world.

Heidi Klum

Her modeling career led her to television, where she made her acting debut as Michael J. Fox’s love interest on Spin City. She played herself. The following year her first calendar was printed, which has now become an annual standard. In 2004, she became the host of the Bravo TV series “Project Runway,” a reality show in which contestants compete to win a chance to design clothes for Banana Republic.

Model Heidi Klum

Heidi also made a return to her roots in fashion design and now designs her own line of swimwear which has been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, as well as a signature shoe for Birkenstock. She also designs jewelry and is an accomplished painter.

On the romantic front, Heidi married hairdresser Ric Pipino in 1997 and would be divorced in less than five years. She later became linked to Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis and then to Flavio Briatore, owner of a Formula-1 racing team. She has a daughter with Briatore. Recently, she married British singer Seal, and the couple had their first child in 2005. Heidi’s measurements are 35-24-34.

A supermodel with the savvy to create her own empire, Heidi Klum hit gold with a perfect amalgam of high fashion and reality TV. Born in Germany, Klum began modeling when she was just a teenager, after submitting photos to a German modeling agency on a whim. She toured Europe as a model, eventually coming to the United States, where she found even greater success — cemented by her posing for the coveted cover of Sports Illustrated in 1998. Klum became a spokes model for Victoria’s Secret, and also began taking some small roles in films, like 2000’s Blow Dry. In 2004, she became the executive producer and host of a show on Bravo called Project Runway, in which fashion design hopefuls were presented with a variety of challenges and judged on their talent and ability, facing elimination in every episode until a winner was crowned. The show was a huge hit, and Klum became even more of brand in and of herself. Klum was married to celebrity hairstylist Ric Pipino in 1997, though the couple divorced in 2002. She also had a relationship with Formula One manager Flavio Briatore, and though it did not last, the couple had a daughter together, Helene (aka “Leni”). In 2005, Klum married singer and musician Seal, who raised Helene as his own along with the couple’s other children.

Latest Collection of Designer Bridal Mehndi Designs (Arabic Mendi Designs)

Mehndi is the application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration in the Indian Subcontinent, as well as by expatriate communities from these areas. Mehendi a traditional art of designing the hands and feet is an integral part of Indian customs and functions. Mehndi is typically applied during special occasions like weddings and festivals like Diwali, Bhaidooj, Teej and Eid. In some Hindu festivals every woman tries to have mehndi done on her hands and feet. It is usually drawn on the palms and feet, where the color will be darkest because the skin contains higher levels of keratin which binds temporarily to lawsone, the colorant of henna. Mehndi was originally used as a form of decoration mainly for brides.
Below are mentioned few examples of Designer Mehndi, Bridal Mehndi, Arabic Mendi applied on palm, hand and feet.