Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Advantages of Smoking

As we all know that smoking is injurious to health , besides of its disadvantages their are some advantages also :
stop-smoking-forever-800X800 (1)
1: A Chain smoker never grow old he always remain young because he dies before that .
2: Smoking increase social network of smoker as two smokers are always friends .
3: Smoking brings equality among humans , which many social workers were unable to make because ones ciggerete is always fresh for other smokers .
4: There is no medicine which can assure sleepless nights , so smoking is necessory for working whole night .
5: Smoking removes headache , although there are some medicines available but they also have some side effects .
6: Smoking is unaffected of money , one can smoke “biri” or “ciggare” or “pipe” or even “hucca” . by this way smoking reduces the gap between rich and poor .
7: Smoking have no reservation criterion , so there is not any dispute for smoking .
8: Smoke generated after smoking can be used as room freshner as smokers usually doesnot like other smells .
9: There is a possibility of passive smoking i.e. smoking & all of its advantages without paying anything .
10: And most intresttingly as like “GOD”(for smokers) u can find smokers everywhere .


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