Monday, February 21, 2011

The Golden Maharani

I wait and wait and wait.
I hope and hope and hope that maybe for just a minute the rain will stop. 
No such thing. 
What's there to do?
Nothing except shoot an outfit inside. 

Up to a month ago, I would have cringed at the idea of shooting an outfit against a white wall.
How boring one would have thought!
No no, Its all in the method you do it. 
And so I learned or I think I did from the master herself, Iulia from Dream Size Zero. Not only are her poses naturally wicked but she is probably the coolest person I have met( well we don't know each other personally yet) but just take a look and you will see for yourself. Although I do not embody her carefree naturalness ( I'm uptight by nature), I tried to embody a certain Iulia spirit in these photos. It sure made shooting these photos a lot easier having Iulia as my inspiration. 

Not only that but she has also become my shoe consultant. Together we have pledged to one another never again to let ourselves buy uncomfortable shoes. So we have found ourselves on a journey towards finding dreamy shoes one can seriously walk in!

So a lot of vintage and just a bit of attitude made this look happen!

P.S.  A friend has just translated for me the meaning of this post's title!
Maha - Supreme
Raja = King
Rani = Queen


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