Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stylist Tip: Above the Table

I stopped by the photo shoot and everything was looking pretty fantastic–as always! Had a little chat with my favorite stylist and Hollywood insider, Allison, who, while she’s not pinning and primping, clipping and tucking, still always seems to have fashion on the brain. Like most of the Tinseltown set, she’s prepping for the holidays and the coming season of award shows and big events. If there’s one thing to remember, says Allison, it’s this:
“When you know you have a big event, spend the majority of your time and money on your look ABOVE THE TABLE!”
For example, if you’ll be seated at a dinner table–either with a special-someone or with a group, sadly no one is going to see those $200 stilettos.

Focus your time and $$$ on what everyone will see! Add a statement necklace or brilliant chandelier earrings to really shine! If you don’t care for jewelry, try one of this season’s dresses or tops in a beautiful jewel tone. Ruby red, garnet, emerald or sapphire will do the trick.”
Some suggestions from Frederick’s? Try our Sequin Babydoll Dress, Wraparound Shooting Star Necklace or Rhinestone Chandelier Earrings for some high-shine sexiness that’s sure to get everyone’s attention.

Even when they’re not in front of celebrity and fashion photographer Steve Earle, our models are always up for some playful pics. Tiesheko relaxes between takes in one of our new signature tanks and cutoffs.

Barbara kicks back and gets ready for hair and makeup (yes, she’s that beautiful before getting all done up).

Jenelle says “au revoir” after a long day of shooting (and yes, she looks that gorgeous after hours on the shoot).


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