Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cheating Man – Does Your Husband Still Love You?

“When I found out my husband cheated after 4 years of marriage it completely devastated me. It wasn’t just that my cheating man had slept with another woman;  I couldn’t understand how he could say he loved me on one hand and completely betray me on the other.” So I was left with this question: Does he still love me?
Does this woman’s struggle sound familiar to you? Do you wonder how your partner could cheat on you if he truly loved you?
If so, you aren’t alone.
How Can You Know If He Still Loves You?This question is quite difficult to answer. There is only one person who can give you a real answer to that question, and that’s your husband. Whether you believe him or not reflects the level of trust in your relationship.
Here are a few insights to Help You Find Out:
1. Cheating Doesn’t Mean He Doesn’t Love You It’s not easy to understand that  a cheating man can be a man that loves you at the same time. You think that if he loved you he wouldn’t to something so hurtful to you.
Sometimes the cheating partner says there are reasons for going outside the relationship that have to do with the marriage, and sometimes the cheater will try to make it seem as if it had nothing to do with what was happening inside the marriage.
It’s definitely possible that your spouse still loves


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