Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Saris have been the rage for ages uncountable. Innovation must however be employed from time to time to recreate the mystery and magic of this garment.
The bright sea-green sari with its three layers of pattern is a good illustration of this innovation.

The printed black tear-drops prepare the eye for a more drastic shift to pure black, interwoven with metallic thread, and then a plainer sea-green. The border is sequinned in black and used again in the halter-neck blouse. It creates a visual paradox specially at the diagonal part of the pallu where all the different colours are shown off to their best advantage.

The red and mustard sari is printed with a traditional floral pattern for the skirt which changes radically to pinstripes at the pallu. The effect is somewhat surprising but highly defiant of tradition. The border is embroidered in hearts, lined by brown sequins.

It is used again to border the short sleeves. The high blouse is deep-necked with a wide circular neck.

And lastly, the crimson sari with its optically-intriguing circles: the border is sequinned black, with many layers of spaced narrow ribbon. What it new here is the way it is worn and held up clasped around the shoulder. The casual blouse is polka-dotted and sleeveless.


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