Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Samsung NaviBot

In Russia, Samsung has recently its robot vacuum cleaner called the Samsung NaviBot, which was announced in March 2010. The Navibot has two processor chips, an embedded camera, sensors and a virtual mapping system.
The Navibot shoots photos at 30 fps of the room, creating a virtual map of the house, identifying and memorizing the exact location of obstacles (different objects, furniture and other interiors) and the charging station. Not only that, the Navibot can also independently go back to the latest place after recharged, a single battery charge will allow it to run for 90 minutes. Samsung NaviBot is very quick and safe routes.
It has five power modes: Auto, Max, Manual, Spot and Edge Clean. In addition, users can set delay start for starts cleaning in no one in room and this robot also has ability to schedule a day of the week to clean automatically.
Pricing starts at €399 ($544) for the basic version with one Virtual Guard, or €499 ($680) for a version with two Virtual Guards and touch-sensitive buttons.


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