Monday, February 14, 2011

Some Bathroom Art?

Ohhhhhhh, the bathroom. Ever start a project thinking it’ll only take a few days and quickly come to realize it could very well take a few decades? Let’s just pretend you do. It will make me feel better.
I HAVE to be done soon. Next week, perhaps? Until then, I’ve started to put a few finishing touches on it—just to fool myself into believing it’s done. Jones Design Company had some name plate art in her kids’ bedroom, and I was inspired! I started out with some Ribba frames from Ikea and in true JaG form, the glass broke on the way home. Of course.
Ikea frames
Working with what I now had, I lined the back with burlap (with spray adhesive) and used my Word program to make a monogram on some cardstock.
burlap and monogram
And here is the finished product! It’s exactly what I had imagined, and it’s the classic look I was going for. Yay!

burlap art
Of course, if I zoom out just a bit, you’ll see that I have quite a road ahead of me. A quick 3,946 cuts couple of cuts, and I’ll finally have the mirror frame built.
Ikea art
Hopefully, within that time I’ll actually figure out how to photograph this bathroom correctly. No natural light in here, and it’s proving difficult.  
Monogram Burlap
I’m just inches, yet miles, away from being done. However, I think a little artwork will help hold me over for just a little longer. 


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