Friday, March 4, 2011

Behind the Scenes Photos of Kelly Osbourne's Material Girl Shoot

  1. MG1.jpg
    Material Girl Ad Campaign

  2. MG2.jpg
    Material Girl Ad Campaign
  3. MG3.jpg
    Material Girl Ad Campaign
  4. MG4.jpg
    Material Girl Ad Campaign
  5. MG-BTS1.jpg
    Behind the scenes on the shoot
  6. MG-BTS2.jpg
    Lourdes, Maddona, and Kelly
  7. MG-BTS3.jpg
    Reviewing the film
  8. MG-BTS4.jpg
    Kelly modeling
  9. MG-BTS5.jpg
    Lourdes styles a look

MG-BTS12.jpgIt Brit Kelly Osbourne has been named the new face of Madonna and Lourdes's clothing line Material Girl, following Taylor Momsen. We think the sassy blonde is a perfect fit for the punk rock-inspired line. Check out images from the campaign, set to run in April issues, and some behind the scenes photos from the East Village, NYC photoshoot.


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