Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Clijsters injures herself while dancing at nephew’s wedding

A tip for all women's tennis players: Don't go to Western Europe and expect to make it out healthy.
For the second time in nine months, a top-ranked women's player suffered a freak accident in a Western European country that will force her to miss a major part of the tennis season. Serena Williams stepped on a piece of broken glass before an exhibition match in Munich last July and hasn't been on the court since. Recently, Kim Clijsters was dancing at the wedding of her nephew and turned her ankle, an injury which could force her out of next month's French Open.
Clijsters revealed the news on her website (translated from Dutch):
At the wedding party of her cousin Tim, Kim injured her ankle severely. The consequences are rather dire. After a visit to the doctor, echo and NMR the diagnosis is a severe strain of both the medial and lateral ligaments of the right ankle and a torn ligaments, a torn capsule of the ankle joint, a hematoma and torn tendon sheath.

The statement goes on to say that Clijsters' foot is immobilized and that she'll miss six weeks. Her presence at Roland Garros is "very uncertain." The four-time Grand Slam champion is also said to be recovering from a previous wrist injury.
That must have been one funky chicken.
What is it about that part of the map that puts our biggest stars into walking boots when they leave? Is there some sort of national conspiracy to get Yanina Wickmayer to the top of the rankings? Is there a Walloon-Flemish beef that I don't know about?
You'd have to figure that Clijsters is pretty good on her feet, given that she's a champion tennis player with flawless footwork. If me and my herky-jerk, Elaine-style dance moves can make it through a wedding unscathed, imagine the bad luck Clijsters had to get her hurt. Also, how bad do you feel for her nephew?
"How was your wedding, Tim?"
"Oh, pretty good. Other than my aunt suffering a catastrophic injury that might alter the course of her career. Got a cool waffle maker, though."


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