Sunday, August 14, 2011

The weird way I met someone

The weird way I met someone
Ask most men and women how they meet the people they date, and you’ll probably hear answers like “through friends,” “online,” “at a party,” or even “my mom set us up; she has better taste than I thought!” Some people, however, find romance in much more surprising places — and their stories are testament to the fact that if you’re looking for love (keeping common sense and safety in mind, of course!), you should always keep your eyes peeled. Don’t believe us? Check out how these readers ended up clinching a date.

While idling on the freeway of love
“I was stuck in rush hour traffic. There was a new silver Mustang in the lane next to me. Mustang drivers always notice other Mustang drivers, so I pulled up next to him and slowed down so I could get a good look, flashed him a flirty smile, and revved my engine a little. After eight miles of flirting in stop-and-go traffic, he called out, asking whether I would like his number. We dated for three months until I realized the only thing we had in common was our love for our Mustangs. But it sure was fun while it lasted!”

I was banking on her saying “yes”
“I went into the bank one day, and this really cute teller helped me. We talked a little, and then she said she remembered me coming in the previous month. The next time I went in, I decided that I would ask her out. The only problem was that the bank was very slow that day; the other tellers weren’t busy. This caused a problem! Asking her out was one thing, but asking her out with several other people listening to everything we were saying is altogether different. I chickened out, but still wanted to ask her out, so I went back two days later. She was working the drive-thru window and I was inside. When the teller asked how she could help me, I asked if I could talk to the teller at the drive-thru instead. They exchanged places for a moment. I then asked if she’d like to have dinner with me. She said ‘Sure,’ and we went out that night!”
— 99txchevy

Dialing a wrong (but right!) number
“The oddest happenstance for a date was a call I made to a friend that ended up being a wrong number. For some reason, I asked her if she knew the person I was calling, and she didn’t. Somehow, the conversation segued into what she was doing; she was about to go skiing. We talked for awhile, then hung up. I had her number in my cell, and — strange as it may sound — a day later, I called again and we talked some more. This continued a few more times until I text-messaged her to see if she was seeing anyone. She wasn’t, so I asked if she would meet me at a small, local bookstore for coffee — and she did! And that’s how our relationship began.”
— SapphoNoUhaul

During fun in the sun at a reservoir
“The strangest way I met a guy was at the Cherry Creek Reservoir. A friend and I were walking along the beach and saw some guys on a boat looking at us through binoculars; then, we watched as one of them dove overboard and started swimming towards us. He asked if we’d like to join their party water-skiing for the day. We were in a very public place with lots of people around, so we agreed... and they treated us like princesses, fed us wonderful lunches and we all had a great day! Then, they joined us for s’mores at our camp site — they were all perfect gentlemen — and got our numbers. I ended up dating one of them, Steve, for a couple of years.”
— Goldilocks_Lookin

On a (legally) blind date
“I dated a guy that I met at my father’s eye surgery appointment. He had just had surgery as well, but didn’t have anyone to drive him home. So I ended up doing him the favor, and we exchanged numbers and began going out.”
— Sugarkisses30 


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