Sunday, October 2, 2011

This Halloween, Watch for Angry Birds

Lock your doors! Shut your windows! Hide your birdseed! This Halloween, the Angry Birds are coming for you! The makers of the hit videogame have launched a line of costumes based on the game's cranky characters. There are outfits for babies, kids, and adults. The baby costumes are cute and relatively inexpensive at around $25. Adults who wish to go as an Angry Bird will have to surrender $49.99 plus shipping, as well as a sizable chunk of their dignity.
Online interest in Angry Birds costumes is already soaring, despite the spooky night being a month away. Over the past 24 hours, Web searches on "angry birds costume" jumped 26%, while related queries on "angry birds halloween costume" and "angry birds costume for sale" tweeted their way to triple-digit gains.
This isn't the first time the Angry Birds franchise has extended its considerable reach. There have been T-shirts, toys, spin-offs, and more. Heck, there have even been unofficial Angry Birds birthday cakes. Clearly, the game inspires a lot of passion.
For those who have been living in a cave without their iPhone, the game is a physics-based puzzler in which the player launches angry birds at various structures in an attempt to knock them over and squash the nefarious pigs. The game has been a tremendous hit on multiple platforms, including Android and Apple's iOS. The game, despite no longer being the new bird on the block, is still tremendously popular in Yahoo! Search, currently ranking in our top 500 overall terms.


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