Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The brocade BOUQUET

First up is dark, glamour-zone. With its high bodice sculpted out of pale silky fabric, the skirt descends in a dramatic flare with panels of maroon and sapphire brocade alternating with silky black and deep cerulean. A profusion of gold sequins gives dazzle to the bodice, and dark fine beadwork and gold embroidery adds to its classical glamour. A hem of bright emerald brocade creates a visual balance with the pale bodice and serves to highlight the dark, mysterious hues of the skirt-panels.

Very different from the rest, this leaf-green is tailored out of matte, clinging cloth which gives silhouette. Its body is embroidered with beautiful gold-and-silver motifs. The geometric, chalice-shaped neck bedecked with gold coins and foiled by black shoulder-straps gives it a neoclassical edge. The hemline is radiant in crimson and gilt.

With its dark green skirt spangled in gold, and a bright scarlet bodice, this dress is vividly reminiscent of both Christmas and the upcoming wedding season. It is worn over a scarlet churidar, and has a tricolour hem of gilt-spangled crimson, lemon-yellow and deep blue. Gota-work has been lavishly used on the hem, directly over which grows a layer of conspicuous, gilded flowering clubs, topped by conjoined triple-paisleys.All dupattas, when worn, are tie-and-dyed in the prominent colours of the dress, and are bordered in the contrasting brocade used at the hem.

Next up is the slightly shorter brown brocade dress. The density of the gold motif makes the colour of the cloth harder to guess at, thus visually more interesting. Small amber bead-work motifs are spread all over it, and become larger at the hem. The hemline is composed of multiple borders; jade brocade and sequinned blue.The neck is quite simple, and bordered with the same spangled blue, adds to the elegance of the simple cut. The trousers are wide and of a darker umber, with sequin-work.


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