Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chocolate Gravy

I just finished off a plateful of Saveur 100's #48 - Chocolate Gravy with biscuits. It was hard for me to imagine a breakfast that combined a rich, velvety, buttery chocolate sauce as a component (unless I were I 5 year-old), so when I first saw the recipe I was intrigued.

In our home savory has ruled as the Queen of Breakfast and every one of my 7 children knows that I don't embrace the idea of chocolate or sugar as the first meal of the day. But, the recommendation did come from Saveur, and the woman who submitted it is from the South, so I figured it had to be good. And I was right. And I apologize to my children for denying them chocolate for breakfast for so long.

I think I'm in love - the dark chocolate sauce on top of flaky biscuits is nearly sinful. I'm not sure I should have been making it for Sunday breakfast. I did, though - and I don't apologize for it. If you've never had chocolate gravy for breakfast, please do go and make up a batch - you can find the recipe at Saveur.


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