Saturday, February 12, 2011

Idol News Beat: Fantasia Gets a Movie, Sanjaya Gets a Musical and Adam Gets a Grammy(?!)

'American Idol' may not always make lasting superstars, but at least the show is good for boosting the album sales of its judges panel...or least one of them.

According to Nielsen Soundscan, Steven Tyler's Aerosmith has seen an incredible 250% increase in sales of their "Greatest Hits" compilations. The 'Idol' effect was also felt in Aerosmith's singles catalog, with a 363% boost for power ballad and 'Idol' audition favorite, "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing," during the week ending Jan 30th. As for J.Lo's record sales, no news is...

Clay Aiken Doesn't Feel Like Making a Record, Anyway

On the other end of the coin, Clay Aiken is playing off rumors of being dropped by Decca, his record label by giving the impression he doesn't care about recording right now, anyway. Aiken told The Hollywood Reporter, "There is no upcoming album planned at this time," and added that he's focusing on his live show and heading out on the road for the next few months. "The truth is, I have no desire to get back into the studio any time soon," said Aiken. So I guess that whole record deal thing won't matter anyway then, right?

Sanjaya's Got a Job!

Sure, I was glad to hear Sanjaya was making pay singing about pizza, but scoring a role in the Off-Broadway adaptation of Julianne Moore's popular children's musical "Freckleface Strawberry, is a nice upgrade. Sanjaya makes his debut on Feb. 23rd.

Paula Abdul is Free if 'The X-Factor' Is Interested

Simon Cowell has thus far been non-committal on the Paula Abdul/X-Factor question. But if the mega-producer and panelist had any concerns about Paula's availability, CBS may have taken care of the matter. Sources say it's unlikely 'Live to Dance' will see another season, meaning Abdul's schedule just opened up...for 'The X-Factor!' Come on guys, let's get the band back together!

Adam Lambert Gets Ready for His Grammy

Grammy nominee, Adam Lambert made the media rounds this week, dropping by 'Ellen' and 'Access Hollywood' to promote his "Glam Nation Live" DVD /CD release and talk up his nomination. Adams faces competition from Bruno Mars, Michael Buble, John Mayer and Michael Jackson in the "Best Male Pop Vocal" category. Yikes!

Fantasia Heads to the Big Screen

Season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino's career may be on an upswing. Barrino, whose only real other film credit is a Lifetime made-for-TV-movie about...herself, will star in a biopic centered on the life and career of gospel singer, Mahalia Jackson. Production is set to begin in April with a possible December release.


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