Saturday, March 26, 2011

10 Bachelorette Party Dos and Don'ts

Do: Communicate
Whether it's your best friend or your sister who's in charge of planning the festivities, talk to your girls about what you envision for the party. Do you feel like going out, or getting pampered -- or both? This is also your opportunity to lay down a few ground rules. Don't be afraid to set boundaries! Totally against any fake penises making an appearance? You're allowed to say so, and even to ban them -- nicely, of course. On the other hand, if you’re not offended by a little phallic paraphernalia, let them know that too.

Don't: Be Bossy
While your thoughts and suggestions are welcome (and even helpful) to whoever is planning the party, that doesn't mean your ideas should include a full, preplanned itinerary you just happened to go ahead and put together.

Do: Give Your Girls Options
If your dream single-girl trip involves plane tickets and hotel rooms for everyone, offer a few budget-friendly alternatives closer to home. Maybe you'd love to head to Napa, but a local winery would be just as fun.

Don't: Get Wasted
Just because the stereotypical bachelorette party is a boozy night on the town with your best friends doesn't mean you have to drink yourself sick. Stay in control so you can remember the night, not spend the second half of it in the bathroom.

Do: Consider Renting a Dress
You'll obviously want to look hot, but instead of agonizing over buying a really expensive dress in the midst of all the money you're dropping on the wedding, rent a dress from a website like Just don't spill any G&T on it.

Do: Have a Theme
Something as simple as a karaoke night, a spa day or an old-school pajama party can count as a theme, but feel free to steal ideas from the college frat party arsenal. That's right, we went there. Toga party, anyone? We also love the idea of a Mad Men- or Boardwalk Empire-themed bash.

Don't: Kiss Another Guy
So this one is obvious but clearly important. If you go around announcing it's your bachelorette party, attractive bachelors will probably offer to buy you a drink. This is fine (and frugal and fun), but don't get too flirty. Remember: The whole point of this shindig is to celebrate your upcoming nuptials, oh right, to that guy. Speaking of guys, please, please skip the sweaty male stripper.

Do: Consider a Coed Party
A joint party won't work for every couple, but if you and your groom-to-be share the same group of friends, it might be kind of fun to get everyone together for one big prewedding party.

Don't: Invite Your Mom (or His)
No matter how cool she is (and we know some pretty cool moms), it's just weird to have your mom at a party like this. Even if you don't feel awkward, your girlfriends will probably feel strange taking shots with your mom. Just saying.

Do: Take Plenty of Photos
Keep your camera handy, or make sure at least one person is the DP (designated photographer), so you can capture lots of candid snapshots and posed glamour shots from the night or weekend. Take videos with your phone or a Flip camera, and maybe even ask your friends to record video messages to you as you say farewell to singlehood.


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