Saturday, March 26, 2011

Good or Bad? Why not both?

So, I’ve been reading these articles lately. Why some men like innocent girls, and why others prefer bad girls. All of a sudden, I had a thought come to mind: why not be a bit of both? That does make sense, doesn’t it?
If you had to put me in a category of good vs. bad, I would most likely be put into the good category. And I’m a really passive aggressive person when it comes to my bad side. I’m not great at expressing my feelings, especially when they’re not good ones. I might mumble what I have to say. I might even put on a sour face. But that’s all you would ever see from me. I’m working on that though.
Anyway, back to my point. What kind of person do you think of when you hear innocent? I think of a little girl whose world is not tainted at all. You just can’t apply that to most women (or men, for that matter). Most women have gone through some life changing experience, no matter how small it might be. The shy girls don’t really want to talk about it, and you might think they’re innocent.

What kind of person do you think of when you hear the word bad? I think of a ruthless person who stops at nothing to be in control. Again, you can’t really apply this to most women or men.
In terms of extremes, no one women or man is all good or all bad. That is very much a good thing.
Well, like I said before, I want to balance the good and the bad. These days, you’re more exposed to bad girls than you are to good girls. The same can be said for men. (And you wonder you fall for the douche!) You watch, or have heard of shows such as The Bad Girls Club, or Jersey Shore, where these girls get into fights all the time. That’s not the bad girl anyone should aspire to be. I would call that girl an aggressive b---- . (I use the term loosely.) These girls see the solution to their problem, and it only involves using
These girls are full of drama, and while that makes for great TV ratings, it doesn’t really make sense in real life. Otherwise, a lot of us would be fighting each other for no reason, walking around with black eyes.
The “bad girl” I aspire to be is one who knows what she wants, and doesn’t have to use her fists to get it. (Not to be confused with the master manipulator, which is another story.) I’m talking a girl who also knows when to express herself if she disagrees with something, and knows how get you to see her point. At times, she can be a little reckless and brave, but she has never gotten arrested. See, as long as you’re not getting in trouble with the law and with your morals, and you live your life to your heart’s content (and you’re not compromising anyone else’s happiness), I would say that’s the kind of bad girl I would want to be.
Of course, there is always a good side to something that’s bad, and vice versa. You have to know when to show your manners, help people out (when they need and/or want it), and basically just be nice. That’s not to be confused with someone who’s naïve. This person might need a bit of help to realize that not everyone is who they say they are.
Well, I know what kind of woman I want to grow up to be. I want to a good woman with a good amount of a bad woman in me. I want to know how to combine the two, and make sure that they balance each other out. There’s just one thing I’m missing in order to pull it off. I’m missing confidence. I want to make sure that I can pull off this person I will become and have it come across as real. Would you take anybody who doesn’t believe in themselves seriously? Think about it.
With that, I leave you with two things. First, know that you should always be confident. (I should take my own advice, huh?) Second, there’s a time and place for everything, depending on your situation.


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