Saturday, March 26, 2011

Anyone can see you naked on Facebook: New software lets pervs doctor your pics

This woman's expression does not reflect the face most 
women would make if they knew they were being 'False 
Flesh-ed'. (image via via
This woman's expression does not reflect the face most women would make if they knew they were being 'False Flesh-ed'

You know that dream where everyone you've ever known can see you naked? It's just come true, thanks to Facebook and some sleeze-ball programming wizards. FalseFlesh is a new software program that super-imposes nude body doubles on totally PG profile photos.

Photoshop-hounds with way too much time on their hands have been doing this kind of thing for years, but FalseFlesh is the first shortcut to doctored nudity. "It's like X-ray vision!" claims the product site, in a blatant attempt to appeal to a comic-book obsessed demographic. And it's not just for perverts and geeks, but future stylists and plastic surgeons too!  "FalseFlesh also allows you to modify other physical attributes of the subject such as clothing style and even body type."

The last thing the internet needs is more ways for people to exploit each other. Posting doctored nude photos of someone is a personal and potentially legal violation. Despite being labeled an "adult editing" tool, the $50 software is a magnet for a young audience who spends a majority of their time socializing online. And it's bound to put some dangerous, cyber-bullying ideas into a few kids' heads.

As much damage as False Flesh could wreak on the internet, it does give back in one way: the product testimonials, which may or not all be written by one person.
There's the insulting frat guy: "Last semester I had a professor for one of my psychology classes who was just gorgeous. Even though she was in her mid-thirties her body was just perfect. I copied the picture she had up on her syllabus webpage to use with FF. The results were even better than I expected.”

The jealous girlfriend:“I know you are not supposed to do this but I needed to get revenge. I found out that my boyfriend of 4 months we cheating on me. So I loaded his picture into False Flesh and had the software give him a less than flattering, well you know. I also anonymously sent the picture to his guy and girl friends." The guy who's about to get fired:“We have the really uptight boss at work... Basically she turned down every guy that even approached her. After I got FalseFlesh I immediately tried it out on a photo I had of her from some conference. When I printed it and showed it to my buddy, he actually though I had hooked up with her!”
The college professor who masks his perversions with curriculum: 
“The really are a variety of uses for this software. I teach a graphic design class at a local community college. I had our students analyze the software and make sample (clothed) images to get acquainted with design.”
And of course, the fetishist:“The really cool thing that I liked about FalseFlesh was that you can either let the software instantly make some cute girl that you know naked or actually take time to customize it. For example I wanted to make this girl who works with me have bigger breasts than she actually did and also give her a lot more pubic hair than she actually probably really has.”


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No. I checked It is a total waste of money. DON'T BUY IT. IT has only pre-set bodies which you drag and replace original body!!!

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