Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Double Fudge Oreo Crunch Cookies.

I really consider these an anytime treat, but they work for tonight too! Or tomorrow. Or Monday. Or next week. Or everyday.

The dough is impossible to stay out of. Up your raw egg tolerance for this.

See? Impossible.

Scooping out golf ball sized dough balls is the best way to go.

Serve with a big glass of cold milk!

Did you know that I have always despised milk? It has grossed me out since I was young. Don’t even get me started on those of you who slurp up the milk at the end up your cereal bowl. Yuck. I have chills just thinking about it.

But these cookies cast a spell on me.

All I could think about was a glass of milk! Preferably chocolate, but I didn’t have any. So I made do with the regular ole’ stuff.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Like this.

Oh well. Just slurp it up.

Can I convince you to make these today? I think you must. If you know what’s good for you, you will.


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