Saturday, March 5, 2011

Question of the Day: If You Could Change One Part of Your Appearance, What Would it be?

I tell ya, the deep discussions we have around the office would just blow your mind. Today was another rollicking philosophical debate: if you could magically change one (and only one!) part of your appearance, what would it be and why? It was a toughie for me. At first I thought I might want to change my nose, it's a little on the larger side, but I wasn't sure I'd love the results. It's such a big part of me (ha, literally) and it would change the way my whole face looks (kind of like these celebs who had nose jobs). So then I thought of a better one: I'd like to change my brown eyes to green.
My mom has green eyes, and I've always wished I had gotten them in the genetic lottery. Plus, I'd be able to wear cool green eye makeup looks like these (not that these brown eye makeup looks aren't pretty too).
So what would you pick? A different hair texture, more defined cheekbones? Tell us in the comments!
And while we can't drastically modify your face, this virtual makeover tool can let you try on new hair and makeup -- maybe that bob would be totally you after all.


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