Monday, October 3, 2011

Megan Fox’s cat-faced Christmas ads for Armani: not terrible, or still bad?

As you may remember, Rihanna was just named as the replacement-crotch for Armani, taking over from Megan Fox. I welcomed Rihanna because she 1) eats and 2) doesn’t have a cat-face that changes month after month, year after year because of so much surgical and Botox intervention. However, once I got sight of the Rihanna-Armani ads, I was disappointed. They put her in a dumb blonde wiglet, and she looked like crap, which proves to me that whoever is in charge of Armani’s ad campaigns is a total moron. So…with that in mind, check out Armani’s new Beauty 2011 Christmas Collection ads, with Megan Fox. Yes, while Megan was replaced at the spokes crotch of Armani’s underwear and jeans lines, she’s still the official cat-face of Armani beauty products, so these ads are designed to get you to buy Armani makeup for your lady friends for Christmas.

I have to say… these ads aren’t as spooky and alien-like as some of Megan’s previous ones. Maybe I’m just getting used to her Official 2011 Face, or maybe the Photoshop wizards were having an off day, but Megan actually looks recognizable in these ads. She also looks surprisingly Caucasian - in the last set, I could have sworn Megan was Asian. Still, there is something busted about Megan’s face. Just because it’s not as bad as it used to be, it’s not a significant improvement.


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